Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Heart Bleeds

After the emotional destruction I went through watching Les Mis the other week I thought I'd done enough crying to last my heart a lifetime. But the heartbreak I feel tonight is one that brings no tears, just an empty feeling of deep sorrow.

Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who.

As a die-hard Whovian of just over 5 years, Matt Smith is the only Doctor for whom I've watched every episode when it was aired (or shortly after on iPlayer if I couldn't at the time). Whilst I will continue to watch Doctor Who religiously until the day I die, a part of my heart broke last night. I  was so upset that I even dreamt, for the hundred millionth time, that the Weeping Angels were going to kill me.

Accurate depiction of my feelings right now

Accurate depiction of the horror in my dreams

(Incidentally, that which holds the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel... so don't blink!)

"What in the name of sanity does this have to do with stitching?" I hear you cry. Well, like fezzes, bow ties and Stetsons, stitching is cool. And I reckon it's about time I combined two of my loves in a way I have not yet.

Doctor Who stitching!

I've had my eye on several Who patterns for a while, mostly courtesy of Mr Etsy (which is just about the best place in the entire Internet to find anything). There's just one problem. I'm now under a self-imposed stash-building embargo until 2014, but I have yet to purchase my final "yay you finished exams without going completely crazy" present... which means I can buy one of the following. Stitchers, Whovians and other denizens of the Internet, I'm calling upon you to help me make this monumental decision. Here are my choices...

Are you my mummy? - Because zombie children are just a little bit creepy.
Keep Calm and Don't Blink - Because, frankly, I'm too scared to blink.
Ooh Wee Ooh - Because the theme is EPIC.
It's A Fez - Because fezzes are cool.
Weeping Angel A - Because sleep is for the weak.
Weeping Angel B - Because I'd actually like an Angel in my head.
Madman With a Box - Because he definitely is one.
2010 New Logo - Because a TARDIS logo is a pretty cool idea.
The Angels Have The Phonebox - Because it doesn't sound nearly as cool in Spanish (yes, I watched Blink in Spanish for "revision purposes"... It still counts if you can recite the entire episode back to front in English, right?)

Any other suggestions are welcome too, but these are just the ones I've seen. Let me know what you think!

Happy stitching!

Heather xx

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  1. My favourite design is ooh wee ooh, some of the others are too simple or just too massive! But my favourite shop is the Capes and Crusaders one, I love the Game of Thrones crests, the Nights Watch oath and the Dr Teeth band logo. Think that one is going in my basket! Thanks for sharing.