Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Back Into The Rhythm

I've only been back at uni for two days and it's already like I never left - well, except for the fact that I'm distinctly less tired than I was at the end of last term, and the kitchen still confuses the hell out of me but WHO CARES COS IT'S AMAZING.

Please excuse this brief detour from stitching to see the pictures of the new kitchen, entirely financed by our landlords...

Left: Camouflaged fridge-freezer is camouflaged.
Right: Hey look, a working oven AND microwave!
Left: Look at the large amounts of counter space we have and the invisible dishwasher next to the washing machine! (Yes, in a student house.)
Right: Washing-machine-tumble-drier AND tumble drier! Talk about going overboard...
Left: Our old table and chairs rearranged to look nice (i.e. with the worn side hidden and with the place mats my mum quilted for my 19th birthday).
Right: The stove area, complete with saucepan.
Left: The new backdoor, conveniently without rotting wood.
Right: The sink area, cheered up with a nice couple of bouquets, anniversary present courtesy of Boyfriend Dearest.
Left: The back garden, rotting shed removed. We have space! (Who knew?)
Right: Sleek and Shiny Cupboards to match the Sleek and Shiny Everything Else.

Isn't it beautiful? I wish I had pictures from before for comparison, but I, uh, forgot. Ohwell.

Stitching news! I've now also decided the best way of actually getting my stitching done is to have a rotation, making exceptions for SALs. Yesterday was Peter Rabbit, and today has been Nobody Loves You. I'm starting with smaller pieces that'll be done quicker to make room for newer projects, so as soon as one project is done I can just slot another piece into the rotation. Here are some pictures...

Nobody Loves You on April 6th
Nobody Loves You, Completed
Nobody Loves You, post-bath
Yes, I finished it! Let's be honest, it's not the hugest or most complex pattern in the world, but it's now out of the Pile Of Shame, cleaned and ready to be framed up before my sister's birthday in August. This was the first time I'd tried washing out the fabric pen I use for gridding, too, and it disappeared as soon as the fabric hit the water, about which I am very happy.

Peter Rabbit on April 6th
Peter Rabbit with all crosses finished
Peter Rabbit, latest

I'm not gonna lie, I'm starting to hate this piece. As I've said before, the chart is a pain to follow with regards to the backstitch, and it just doesn't look right - bits indicated as backstitch in one look like half stitch in two on the cover of the kit, and I'm starting to doubt it'll turn out as nicely as I'd hoped. I just want this one to be finished, now.

I'll be picking up Tigger and Mae Govannen over the next couple of days, so I look forward to updating those. Also, this weekend is IHSW - something I've never participated in before - but since I have no coursework and very little work to be done, I figured I'd participate by sitting in my room for two and a bit days and sewing, because that's totally not what I do every weekend anyway. The majority of this weekend will be spent on the BAP that's being gifted. I may end up posting pictures after all, since I've seen no evidence yet that its recipient is reading this blog (fortunately - I'm *dying* to talk about this project!). Other than that, I aim to get Peter Rabbit finished since I'm so close, and work on a few of the other pieces in my WIP pile in variation so I don't start to want to kill certain projects.

In other news, Angela from over at Hooked on Stitches is celebrating her fifth blogoversary soon, and is having a giveaway! She'll be sending out a mystery box, and frankly, I'm dying to know what'll be in it, so go and enter if you haven't already.

Happy stitching!

Heather x


  1. I saw that you like to insult your sister (in fun!) and thought of the card my little brother sent our sister one year - "Enjoy your Birthday, the day when our parents pretend to love you as much as they love me"
    I laughed alot!
    Good Luck with the rotation.

    1. Haha, that's funny :D Yeah, I love my sister really, but we insult each other all the time in jest. The only thing is, she loathes pink... I'm hoping she doesn't mind in this case, though.

  2. I love your new kitchen you are so lucky, love the project for your sister, Tigger is so sweet, anything Tigger is adorable.

    1. Thank you very much! I've popped over to your blog too and I'm really enjoying seeing your stitching :)