Friday, 30 August 2013


I did that thing again where I accidentally neglected my blog for weeks. Thing is, my blogging mojo just isn't quite there at the moment, and that's partly because, when I have heaps of free time, my stitching mojo is at its most shouty. Consequently I've managed to get a few finishes in.

First, though, I wanted to show off my gifts from the lovely Bernadett. I won a giveaway at her blog a month or so ago, and received some lovely bits and pieces...

The mug warmer is currently on the train mug the Other Half gave me last summer (my ORT bucket is there on the left and my Yoda USB stick is sitting behind). The tea bag pouch has carefully been kept away from any tea. It's too nice to get tea-y!

Now for my finishes...

1) Lesbian Love by Austitch. This was a model stitch, and it whilst it looks great, I got reaaaaally fed up of all the black in it. I'd have like to have done the lesbian symbol in a rainbow thread. I think this will be going to my sister, eventually.

2) Shower of Hearts by Anchor. This is one of the first kits I ever bought and I let it sit after the first Tatty Teddy kit and the backstitch was a nightmare, but I changed the needle from the one that was in the kit to a sharper one and it got much, much easier.

3) The unnamed Janlynn fruits kit. I finished the cross stitch on this a few weeks ago but finally did the backstich in an evening.

Passenger Train also came out while the Other Half was on holiday but I had to finish Lesbian Love in the first week, so didn't get as much done as I'd like, and then it went away as soon as he came back. Now we're going on holiday for a week together and I'm bringing a few projects with me.

(This update was brought to you with help from my new Nexus 7 tablet. This is so exciting!)

Happy stitching!

Heather xx

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