Tuesday, 30 July 2013

End of July Update

First of all, I want to say a huge welcome to all of my new followers. I'm now at 66 followers, and thank you to everyone old and new for reading my blog! I'm sure I've said this before, but I do read your comments and your blogs and I really appreciate your comments and being able to watch you stitch too. I do most of my reading on my phone, though, and the Feedly app isn't great for commenting, otherwise I'd comment more, but I do really love seeing your progress.

If you haven't already entered my giveaway then you have until the end of tomorrow (31st July) to do so! I'll get the drawing done as soon as I can - I've got a busy few days ahead.

Whilst I still have your attention, check out the first ever Snowflower Diaries giveaway which, frankly, looks amazing, and Cucki's giveaway which also looks amazing.

I've been remarkably busy over the past few weeks, particularly for someone who, nominally, isn't doing anything this holiday. I was doing choir stuff all weekend and other various things for the past couple of weeks. Most of it, actually, was stitching, but I sorta lost my blogging mojo. I have more pictures, though!

TARDIS by Jodyri Designs
No update on this one, but this is a better picture than the last. Really enjoying the colours on this one - Jodyri threads are gorgeous!
Clematis Bookmark by Textile Heritage
Started this on a trip down to the beach because it was small and easy to carry in the car with me. Loving the colours!

Unnamed by Janlynn
Only the backstitch left to go! I'm putting this to the side for a couple of weeks.

The Quiltmaker by L&L
Filled in another chunk of skirt. This one has also been put to the side for a while so I can take Passenger Train out again.

Lesbian Love by Austitch
Jody of Austitch asked if I'd do some model stitching for her, so I chose this one to start off with. She has a huge range of amazing and unconventional designs available, and I entirely recommend checking them out! This is done on 18 count cream aida in DMC 310.

Still Young In Dragon Years by Dragon Dreams
This will be a present for my grandparents who both turn 80 this Autumn. I was going to start in a couple of weeks by mum started nagging me to get on with it so she could get it framed before she gets out there. Fabric is Aurora Borealis by Jodyri Designs.

Into The Deep by Passione Ricamo
I picked this one up again after parts 3 and 4 were released. There's some sparkle in there too now, since my PTB arrived. This is going away for a couple of weeks.

So what now? I've got Lesbian Love and Still Young to finish, and my rotation (yeah, I've tried to reestablish some order to my stitching) for this week is H, so that's what I'll be doing now. As for the rest of my rotation? You'll have to wait and see ;)

Happy stitching!

Heather xx


  1. Love your TARDIS so far. I'm going to start on my own soon, a gift for my boyfriend. It'll be much smaller, though, and 3D. Your other pieces are looking so good, too! Love the fabric on Still Young soooo much, it's gorgeous.

  2. Loved your fabrics. Couldn't find it here in Malaysia.
    And your project stitchings are Great.


  3. Dear Heather,

    You are the winner of my 200 followers Giveaway.:) Congratulations.:)
    Please visit my blog.:)
    Contact me,I need your address to send you your gifts.:)

    All the best.:)